Sizzle Buddy

Launching a new product into an established category

The results

Company Background & Challenge

Launching a new to market product

Sizzle Buddy is a new to market bbq brush that represents a product innovation for the category, launching on as part of its wider retail launch


Understanding the category

We had a short window to drive significant growth for the Summer BBQ Season. Understanding consumer needs, keyword research for optimisation and ppc strucuture and a thorough understanding of the competitior landscape were essential to an effective launch strategy.

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Bestseller Rank

With 11% ACOS within 2 months

Results & Conclusion

No 1 Best Seller

As a new to market proposition we knew how important is was to understand the core needs of consumers shopping the category. Indepth research enabled us to drive content for conversion. We achieved an incredible 16.35% CVR.

A very focused Keyword and competitor targeting strategy, coupled with a strong brand defensive strategy enabled us to drive 400% month on month growth to achieve No. 1 Best Seller Rank in the first month of the Summer Season.

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