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Amazon Discovery & Planning

Unlocking insights and data for an informed strategy

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What We Do

We help brands launch & grow on Amazon

Amazon presents an incredible opportunity for international expansion and growth. It is a global platform that connects your brand with millions of consumers worldwide. However, it is also highly competitive.

We understand that starting on Amazon and comprehending its full potential can be overwhelming. That’s where our comprehensive Amazon Discovery and Planning services come in.

Our research and analysis services are designed to provide you with valuable insights and actionable strategies. We aim to give you:

  • A Strong Insight into Amazon’s Growth Potential for your brand.
  • Category Specific Competitive Landscape Analysis.
  • An Evaluation of Your Brand’s Presence on Amazon.
  • Key Data and Information for Informed Decision-Making.

Our Process

1. Discovery

Indepth Category & Competitior Analysis to fully evaluate the opportunity.

2. Result Orientated Roadmap

Blending Research with brand goals to develop a customized strategy for success

3. Expert Execution

Developing Optimised Content and PPC Campaigns to drive results.

Our Process

Case Study - Client X

Data for Decisions

Delivery of a comprehensive report into a range of key areas to facilitate executive decision making on the growth potential of Amazon and balancing key retail partner relationships.

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